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Compassionate Cancer Skincare from Bryght

Becca Hislop
Posted by Becca Hislop on Jul 26, 2022 2:10:57 PM

Compassionate Cancer Skincare from Bryght


Bryght online started as a skincare company that delivers safe and effective products to manage
hyperpigmentation in intimate areas. Our revolutionary products represent the epitome of ethical and
sustainable skincare – our products are made in the USA with all-natural ingredients that are vegan
friendly, non-GMO, and cruelty-free. As a woman-owned business, we are dedicated to creating a safe
space for our clients to learn about hyperpigmentation and treat it with gentle and effective skincare
solutions. With that in mind, we also offer a new line of compassionate cancer skincare products that
feature the highest quality ingredients and advanced skincare formulas.
Meet Strength and Courage
A cancer diagnosis is arguably one of the scariest and most uncertain experiences in any person’s life.
With a long history of creating natural and effective skincare products for hyperpigmentation, it
shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Bryght team turned their attention to developing cancer skincare
products that meet our highest standards of quality, safety, and ethics.
Indeed, when our founder and CEO Luba was diagnosed with breast cancer, she learned that
chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments can cause burning, peeling, blistering, and
hyperpigmentation of the skin. Since she was already in the business of creating safe, natural, vegan,
and scent free skincare solutions that are gentle for even the most intimate areas, she knew that Bryght
online was well-positioned to serve a clientele of cancer thrivers.
Strength is a repair balm that is designed for treating skin conditions that arise from radiation therapy.
As you would expect from all Bryght products, Strength is made from the highest quality ingredients.
True to our core values, we collaborated with our clients and cancer specialists including surgeons and
oncologists to develop a skin balm that soothes, protects, and heals skin damage caused by radiation.
Courage is a facial comfort cream developed to address all your skincare needs during chemotherapy
treatments. Courage was developed and manufactured to align with our focus on safety and
effectiveness – like all our products, this cream is vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and made from all-
natural ingredients. Working with cancer thrivers and medical experts, Courage calms irritated skin
while also preventing further damage related to chemotherapy treatment.
Not Just for Cancer
Strength and Courage were absolutely developed to support our clients as they kick cancer’s ass…but
there’s more to these skincare solutions than cancer. Because all Bryght products are developed to be
gentle and soothing, they are safe for use on any part of the body. Additionally, Strength and Courage
can be used for a wide range of conditions including:
 Sunburn
 Diaper Rash
 Sensitive nipples from breastfeeding
 Eczema

 Lupus
 Cystic acne
 Psoriasis
 Rashes
 Dry, cracked, or flakey skin
 Scars
 Chaffing prevention
Feeling good is a personal journey and our team at Bryght wants to help each of our clients along the
way. Our natural skincare products promote comfort and healing so that you can feel and look your
best even during the most challenging times of life. If you have skincare concerns, Bryght has skincare

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