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Strength and Courage by Bryght

Ashley Heredia
Posted by Ashley Heredia on Jun 13, 2022 12:12:35 PM

In a time where everything seems to be doomed, we all look for strength and courage within one
another in hopes the belief will soothe out these harsh matters. Throughout this process, we
forget to also turn to ourselves for strength and courage- I mean this in every aspect of our being;
emotionally, mentally, and physically. When it comes to our emotional and mental wellness, we
are guided to meditate, be in nature, and do any activity that keeps us grounded within ourselves.
When it comes to our physical well being, we are advised to exercise, sleep, and eat better. What
if I were to tell you there is another way of using strength and courage in our daily lives that can
benefit our emotional, mental, and physical being?
In October 2021, we launched a new line of products dedicated to Cancer battlers and survivors
known as Strength and Courage. Both products are a special formulated kind of cream that helps
to protect and soothe the skin, as well as prevent skin damage.
Strength is a balm that is richly filled with antioxidants and aids in the mission to heal and
hydrate the skin. This balm gives you strength in several ways by being a pain reliever and a skin
bryghtener while leaving the skin feeling cool.
Strength is a product that aids in versatile ways such as prepping the skin for radiation; treating
hyperpigmentation and lupus; soothes sunburns and all rashes (including diaper rashes!);
hydrates eczema and dry, cracked, and flaky skin; alleviates sore and chapped nipples from
breastfeeding; and helps with tattoo aftercare, too!
Aside from antioxidants, Strength also gets its strength from: aloe vera gel (anti-inflammatory
with vitamins A and C), calendula (soothes and hydrates the skin while aiding in collagen
production), colloidal oatmeal (hydrating anti-inflammatory that helps balance the natural pH
levels of the skin), and hyaluronic acid (hydrating and healing for wounded skin).
Courage is a light-weight healing face moisturizer. Aside from Courage being a skin bryghtener,
it also helps reduce scarring, soothe and alleviate pain, and treats hyperpigmentation. Courage is
a moisturizer that is versatile as it can be used in different ways for compromised skin like
Courage gets its courage from: aloe vera gel, argan oil (anti-inflammatory with antioxidants
while aiding in preventing chronic illnesses), bearberry extract (skin brightener by balancing the
skin tone), colloidal oatmeal, and licorice extract (soothing anti-inflammatory).
Strength and Courage is the dynamic duo that can change how you feel and look throughout your
daily life. You can change your life by gifting this duo to yourself, or change someone else’s by

bringing Strength and Courage into their life. No one’s skin is perfect but it can be with Strength
and Courage. You can order your set online or shop at your nearest location that carries Bryght.
Your skin will thank you.

Topics: Cancer, Skincare, Hyperpigmentation

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