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The fear of intimacy with your partner

Do you find yourself avoiding intimacy with your partner? Do you avoid eye contact and keep a distance from him or her?...

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How can you prevent ingrown hairs?

Once I crossed over from shaving to waxing, I have been fascinated with how beneficial it is and most importantly- the...

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What type of skin lightening is offered in salons?

Amongst the many skin lightening product lines, Bryght is the line to follow. Bryght uses natural and vegan ingredients...

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How does skin lightening work?

Throughout my years of working, I would have never imagined working for a place that offers a service known as “anal...

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My first month offering Bryght skin lightening services

My first month of offering Bryght has not been what I was expected. In some ways, I had a preconceived notion of who...

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Bryght vajacials

For starters, it might not be on the salon menu as a vajacial, so keep digging or contact your local salon and ask. 

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Virtual skin lightening training

The importance of staying relevant in the beauty industry is crucial as it's always changing and customers are more...

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Why do we sell out so often?

This needs to be said in all caps because we cannot say THANK YOU enough to all of you.  We blew up on TikTok on March...

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Underarm bleaching; symptoms, causes & treatments

For many people, dark underarms can be embarrassing. Dark underarm skin can keep some people from dressing in...

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Anal Bleaching is for the skin

I often get asked "why would anyone want to bleach their hair back there?"

That question usually comes with a scowl...

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