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Meet Luba Sasowski, CEO

Growing up in a small town with immigrant parents, I learned that hard work, persistence, and following your dreams are...

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all-natural skin lightening that’s about to bryghten up Aussie clinics

Pigmentation is regularly a topic on the lips of therapists and their clients alike; especially in the unforgiving...

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Why do we sell out so often?

This needs to be said in all caps because we cannot say THANK YOU enough to all of you.  We blew up on TikTok on March...

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Someone needs blood every two seconds

More than 4.5 million patients need a blood transfusion each year in the U.S. and Canada. I was one of those patients...

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Not sold on Amazon

Amazon grossed $89 billion in sales over just 3 months at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020, while small...

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Bryght CEO diagnosed with breast cancer during pandemic

I've always been obsessed with my boobs. Even at a young age in the 80's, I remember reading in Seventeen Magazine that...

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The Shirts

I have always been a rebel. I walk to the beat of my own drum. Perhaps it was growing up in a small town with immigrant...

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Natural Skin Lightening Products for Intimate Areas

you can stop scrolling now. yes, you. we can see you scrolling and searching for the best and safest skin lightening...

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