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Hydroquinone in skincare concerns

The reasons why you should not use hydroquinone to lighten your skin.Hydroquinone has been used as a bleaching agent...

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Too cool to die

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of when I got the dreaded phone call telling me my biopsy results came back with...

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How often do you check your boobs?

Much like finding a well-fitting bra or getting a smear test- checking our boobs is one of the things we must do as...

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Skin Color Changes from Cancer Drugs

The skin gets its color from pigment in the skin known as melanin. Some people produce more melanin, resulting in...

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Someone needs blood every two seconds

More than 4.5 million patients need a blood transfusion each year in the U.S. and Canada. I was one of those...

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Bryght CEO diagnosed with breast cancer during pandemic

I've always been obsessed with my boobs. Even at a young age in the 80's, I remember reading in Seventeen Magazine...

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Hyperpigmentation From Use of Chemotherapy Drug, Hydroxyurea

We received an inquiry from a cancer survivor in India who is being administered hydroxyurea – her concern is ‘black...

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